Welcome to the core of Sombra Network — SMBR SMBR is an ecosystem utility token that functions to foster a healthy community and build excitement. SMBR runs on the Binance Smart Chain and is used throughout the Sombra Network to purchase different NFTs, games, avatars, skins, upgrades and more. SMBR helps the project stay on track in a multitude of ways. We are a community focused project that strives for excellent community service and content. We are the future. ECONOMICS SMBR builds loyalty to not only NFT artists but the project as a whole. SMBR was designed to reward community members as well as stabilize itself as a currency organically over time. This is achieved with two 3% taxes that are implemented on every buy or sell order placed. 3% of each order is redistributed to the hodlers as SMBR token and… 3% is sent to the SMBR liquidity pool to support and strengthen the asset SMBR wallet breakdowns are as follows: Marketing — 3% Developer — 3% Development — 7% used to fund project over time

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